The process by which a family obtains a voucher from one housing authority and uses it to lease a unit in the jurisdiction of another authority is known as portability.

If you wish to re-locate to Union County, please have your current housing authority send your portability via email to Nicole@developmentdirectionsllc.com or mail to 1600 St. Georges Ave. Suite 314, Rahway NJ 07065.

You must have at least 30-60 days of search time on your voucher. This will allow you adequate search time to find a unit without the worry of losing your voucher. We will NOT add additional members to the voucher when first coming to our area. If you want to add household members, please do so at your initiating housing authority.

You must prepare to have housing accommodations for at least 30-60 days prior to being leased in a new unit. Our cut-off date for move-ins is the 20th of the month prior. No new move-ins will be processed after this date.

Once your paperwork is received by your current housing authority, an appointment will be scheduled within two weeks.

Currently, our preferred method for briefings will be via email if possible. If you require an in person appointment the date and time are not negotiable. At the time of your appointment whether via email or in person we will need your photo identification, social security cards and birth certificates for all household members. If you are unable to provide these documents at the time of your appointment, it will be rescheduled.

Once the briefing is completed, you will be issued a voucher and given a request for tenancy approval form to give to a prospective landlord.

If you move into your new unit without a passing inspection, you will be responsible to pay the rent until the day it passes.

Payment Standards are located on our website.